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Saturday, June 20th 2009

8:26 AM

rodent wienie hot dog

They will come... - Terry Pratchet
Get a rodent, they can be found in the mall, But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all. CHORUS You tail-lifting buggers from Ramtop or plain. If you take my advice you will save yourself pain. When the base urges strike you it's best to recall ... Carouse with a louse if your weenie is small. But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all. CHORUS It's hard with a crab 'cause its bum's watertight. The best way is sideways, then twist to the right ...
Hannah Blog » Blog Archive » STATE OF THE MICE ADDRESS
On the way back to the finger cave she encountered two dog noses. Mice can't see very well, and apparently the smell of dogs doesn't trigger any alarm neurons, so she whiskered casually in the direction of the noses, then turned away. ... I would post a photo of them, but I'm a techno-weenie. I'll find a stock image. Although I now know better, let's just pretend all white mice look alike. Oh, I found something better: “Two white mice saluting Ganesha. ...
Industrial Ethernet Integration : MICE
rodent wienie hot dog mice effect of corticosteroid in mice feeding raising baby field mice east west mice shanghai multible wireless mice lennie from of mice and men mice and dogfood fiction of mice and men pest control london mice ...
10 American Animals You Don't Know - Listverse
Big dark eyes, ring tail, nocturnal, and crunches up pesky mice and can be tamed? (Only if possession of one is legal to possess in your state!) Check out the cuteness factor… it's at 11! These little guys were known as “miner's cats” ..... It's a strange little thing…acts like a cat most of the time but shows definite dog-like traits as well, such as following us around and answering to calls. I also have a chi-weenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) and he and the raccoon get ...
The Trash Palace: It Was A Very, Very Bad Snake
hey guys most people would think this is a water moccasin, but once you have seen the real thing it is very easy to tell the difference. remember that snakes help to keep the rodent population down that could otherwise cause the real ..... We have 2 weenie dogs that do a great job of protecting all of us from these snakes if they come to close to the house or pond. I asked "cheetos" and "crackers" what kind of snake this is and they both agreed that it IS a yellow bellied ...
JIMMY AKIN.ORG: Flying Family Fun
This has led to a few memorable episodes, one of which involved a huge field rat, a pair of weenie tongs, and a Big Gulp cup. This last week, Ozzie brought us, at 5:00 in the morning, the above pictured living, healthy flying squirrel, in full vigor. .... We've chased birds that have come down the chimney, chipmunks that have got in somehow, bats in the window, and my mom even shot a large rodent inside the cabin (with a 45), but we've never had a flying squirrel! ...
The Comics Curmudgeon » Blog Archive » Bowling for freedom
..love hot dogs, Armour hot dogs, the dog…kids…love…to..b-i-i-i-i-i-te! Haven't thought of that commerical in decades. Todays Curtis: Of all the things I would think of to say if two hellhounds were about to rip my throat out, “Gasp” would not be high on the ..... BB The overly dramatic pose in the second panel does not make up for the fact that you are a weenie to the tenth power, Emo Boy. Now drop and give me twenty, or twenty grand in small non-consequential bills. ...
Rabbitch: Rats!
As you're cleaning up, look for poop that looks like Good N' Plenty pieces. That's what our exterminator told us. Rice is mice, Good N' Plenty is rats, and bat shit looks like rat shit, but its sticking to the attic walls. ... The one thing the Ass-Headed Bottom that I am married to is good for is killing mammalia of the rodent variety! And he is VERY good at it! The secret? Peanut butter! Yep, if you put out traps with peanut butter, the little vermin are willing to ...
the answer is always b: ten reasons hamsters completely own you
c) hahahahahah a leash, becahse a harnessed hamster is so much more entertaining than a dog, d) a plastic car, because a hamster is possibly the only animal that can get away with said mode of transportation *and* the helmet and/or .... okay granted this doesn't take much. my guinea pig ran away from food, water, and a hamster 1/4 its size. in short, he was a weenie. but anyway, hamsters are tinier, cuter, and infinitely easier to care for than cavies (though damn, ...
Suburban Turmoil: Dwarf Hamster Gnaws Family Apart!
I quietly FREAKED OUT after imagining a nasty, biting rodent loose in the house, hiding (and doing its business) somewhere in the piles of clothes and teen rubbish that fill my stepdaughter's room. .... Who is this anonymous weenie that isn 't even brave enough to leave a name? Haven't you heard of remarriage? One of my best friends, also in her, heh, very last year of her 20s, has three teenage sons. Her Husband as sole custody of the boys so, yep, she's parenting and ...

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